Presentations and lectures:

Cyril Aymonier
Coupling chemistry and chemical engineering in supercritical fluids for the synthesis of advanced nanostructured materials.

Ernesto Calvo

Sophie Cassaignon
Morphological control of nanoparticles of metallic oxide: towards the control of the electrochemical properties.

Nieves Casañ
Electroactive Materials, Intercalation and Electrochemistry, for Bio Applications.

Paulo Freitas
Spintronic devices for biological and biomedical applications.

Sergio Funari
Potential of SAXS for characterization of nanomaterials.

Rainer Gehrke
Metal deposition on nanostructured polymer surfaces.

Oscar Grizzi
Surface characterization in ultra high vacuum.

Julie Grollier
An Introduction to spintronics.

Maja Horst
Scientific Social Responsibility

Galo Soler Illia
Properties and Applications of Nanomaterials.

Elizabeth Jares-Erijman
Nanoparticles for biological applications.

Bruno Maggio
Controlled Self-Assembly, Structural Dynamics, and Biocatalysis in Nano-BioSurfaces.

Roberto Salvarezza
Self-assembled monolayers as structural and functional elements in Nanotechnology.

Federico Stefani
Visualizing and controlling vibrational wavepackets of single molecules.

Laura Steren
Spin transport in nanostructures.

Mona Treguer
Gold nanoparticles: properties and applications in physics, biology and catalysis.

Federico Williams
Nanotechnology in the steel industry.


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